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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Construction Accident Essentials For Victims

Construction accidents are avoidable, and are usually caused by carelessness and failure to follow general safety practices. The end result could leave injured victims out of work, bogged down with high medical bills, enduring months of pain and suffering, and in many instances permanent, debilitating injuries. When a general contractor or subcontractor (or their employees) carelessly cause a construction accident, they will be liable and owe fair compensation to the injured individual.

While injuries in construction accidents differ, the causes generally remain the same. Slip and falls, scaffolding falls, trench collapses and electrical injuries are some of the more common construction accidents. Workers are also frequently hit by falling objects.

Whatever the circumstance may be, it is very important to gather as many witnesses as possible. Obtain written statements from other workers if you can. Pictures are also worth a thousand words, so be sure to take plenty.

When it comes time to take pictures, there are plenty of things to look for. There are safety guidelines that need to be met and should any of these be insufficient, make sure you capture them with a time stamp on your digital camera or cell phone.

Guardrails are required on scaffolding and all scaffolds should be a safe distance from any nearby power lines, preferably ten feet. Toeboards are also required all around any platform or floor that is elevated.

Fall protection is another area that needs to be addressed. Fall arrest systems should be in place to prevent serious slip & fall injuries. On scaffolding that is six feet off the ground or higher, construction companies must maintain dry floors that are also free of any holes.

Protective equipment should also be provided without any cost to the workers on the job site. All workers are required to be trained in regards to all the potential hazards of a specific job. Those who are not fluent in English must also have a means of having this information communicated to them.

If any of those aforementioned guidelines are not followed, it is up to the worker to report the violations in their entirety. The same applies for a trench collapse. Find out what the slope requirements are for the type of soil involved on a job. A slope violation will put workers in jeopardy and hold construction companies accountable. Trench walls also need to have certain slopes to properly ensure worker safety.

Heavy equipment is also responsible for a fair amount of construction accidents each year. Many of them are caused by operators who are not certified to work those types of machines, such as a forklift or crane. Try to validate an operator’s credentials if an injury occurs. Not only could the operator be liable, but the construction company could be as well.

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