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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

North Carolina Roadways A Dangerous Place For Motorcycles

Motorcycle operators run the risk of sustaining serious injuries every time they take to the roadways. It is obvious that lack of protection leaves them susceptible to the perils of a nasty fall or high-impact collision. However, there are preventative measures taken to protect motorcycle operators in North Carolina.

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Motorcyclists are required to wear approved safety helmets while operating a motorcycle. The motorcycle headlight (or lights) must be on even during daylight hours to increase visibility to other drivers. There is a statewide restriction on lane splitting (overtaking moving vehicles by riding between or beside them). However, one thing the state cannot protect motorcycle operators from is other drivers.

Driver negligence is a common cause of motorcycle accidents in Charlotte and the surrounding North Carolina communities. Common forms of driver negligence, such as distracted driving, leaves all motor vehicle operators at risk. Texting and driving is illegal in North Carolina, but that does not mean all drivers abide by that law. Any accident lawyer can tell you texting and driving is illegal in North Carolina, but that does not mean all drivers abide by that law.

The use of a cell phone or hand-held device is permitted to be used by drivers over the age of 18 in North Carolina. This serves as yet another distraction that can put motorcyclists in harm’s way. But motorcycle operators have even more dangers to contend with when they are out on the road.

Less visibility at night leaves them more vulnerable as they could go unnoticed by other drivers. Twisting and winding roads in more rural settings could serve as one more way of motorcycles going unnoticed by other drivers. It’s also not uncommon for a motorcycle to get caught in the blind spot of a driver.

Motorcycles are limited in protection in the event of an accident. Yet, that is no reason to overlook the negligence of other drivers. Careless, aggressive and distracted driving are all forms of negligence. These factors contribute to what is a real and ongoing threat to anyone who takes the road on a motorcycle.

While all drivers need to be alert and aware, motorcycle operators need to be even more cognizant. The continual negligence of other drivers brings about a severe danger. And with so many cars on the roadways, motorcycles are greatly outnumbered.

More than 3,000 motorcycle operators are injured on North Carolina roadways every year. While some of those accidents result in scrapes, burns, and broken bones, others end much worse. Fatality rates increase significantly when a motorcycle is involved in a high-speed collision. One quick Google search will expose long lists of victims who suffered a most unwanted fate because of a motorcycle accident.

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